Rst renegade manual

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rst renegade manual

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Look at the end of the article to learn more about Greg and keep your eyes on the site for another report on the RST renegade after more extensive ride testing on the Big Island! Take it away, Greg! When Greg Smith of Fat-Bike. As a machinist, this was a journey of learning what I had to work with and what was necessary to modify and improve it for serious trail duty.

It was a serious effort involving dozens of hours of 3-D CNC surfacing on a block of forged 7series aluminum to create the one-off crown. It was a beautiful part but I was not able to source factory support for parts or service.

Their manufacturing facility is in excess ofsq.

rst renegade manual

Greg sent the RST Renegade and upon unboxing I was impressed—the finish was an extremely durable black on the aluminum crown and equally durable white on the magnesium lower casting. Unboxing the fork revealed a polished product with amazing fit and finish. Travel is available in 80mm, mm, and mm. Stanchions are 32mm and have a beautiful black hard anodize coating. Oil dampening is done in the left stanchion and in the right stanchion is the air spring.

Adjustments include fully adjustable hydraulic compression dampening with lockout and externally adjustable rebound.

The Best Fat Bike fork under $500 - is $200 (Quick Release and Straight Steerer)

My mm travel sample weighed in at g with the axle accounting for 92g. I removed my rigid fork and began lacing up a new Hope Fatsno Pro 4 hub. Installation on the Argus was trouble free. The fork easily cleared my 4. Straight out of the box, with no tuning the Renegade felt quite soft. A quick increase in compression and rebound dampening got the Renegade in an acceptable range and despite the 32mm stanchions the fork does not feel like a flexi-noodle.

Lava fields, beaches, mountains, and rooted, rocky technical trails await the new RST Renegade.The fork comes standard with a straight steerer tube with an optional adapter for tapered headsets. The suspension fork also has a rebound adjustment knob as well as a lockout. Super easy to install and works great. Stickers were really easy to come off.

rst renegade manual

Lockout works for now. Preload adjustment works for now. Considering the price of this item, its good enough. So far on rough roads it has a great ride. I'm sure it is better than the solid fork. No issue, they followed through with a return and new fork sent. Phone call back just to check in that the fork would be shipped and that all would be made good. Overall good, But I am having trouble with the brake that cuts of motor. The magnet is not working well or glued on wrong place.

And I was using it when it was about -4 celsius, and the display was not working. Add to Cart. Our customers asked for a basic suspension fork that does not break the bank. Notify me when available. Based on 4 reviews Write a review. Recently Viewed Items. Customer Reviews. Customer Photos. Reviews Questions. Title of Review. How was your overall experience? Thank you for submitting a review! Your input is very much appreciated. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too!

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RST Renegade Fat Bike Suspension Fork Available with Straight Steerer

Remember Me. Login with Facebook. Locating information about RST products online is difficult. This is notable because the RockShox Bluto, basically the only major fat bike fork on the market, is only available with a tapered steerer, making an after market suspension fork upgrade impossible on the many, many straight-steerer fatties that have been introduced. It turns out that this fork is now available, and is indeed offered with both straight tube steerers and tapered steerers. Also, the finished fork looks much sleeker than the prototype, with gorgeous black stanchions.

The Renegade comes in travel lengths from 80 to mm, and sports 32mm stanchions. And… it comes with a lock out. Based on the signs in the booth, it looks like the Renegade has been out for at least a year, although I can find little information about where to purchase one online.

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We place high value on the measures needed to protect our employees, customers and communities, while we also want to ensure that all REV RV customers receive the full benefit of their limited warranty. Accordingly, we are providing 60 days of extended warranty goodwill repair coverage to owners of REV RV brands with limited warranties expiring in March, April and May This extended goodwill repair coverage will provide all the same benefits customers enjoy under the terms of the original express limited warranty and will automatically extend for 60 days beyond any warranty expiration dates in March, April or May We will honor any requests for repairs under this extended coverage performed through July 31, We invite any REV RV customer to contact their respective service support team if assistance is needed.

REV is committed to taking every action required to help you protect your well-being while ensuring you enjoy every benefit to which your purchase entitles you. We are honored to be the brand chosen by so many and you can count on us to be there for you until you are back on the road!

All Renegade Motorhome chassis, engines, transmissions, and drivetrain warranties are provided and administered by their respective manufactures. For specific information about these warranties, ask your dealer or contact Renegade RV. Although we do not restrict the completion of warranty work to a dealer in our network we highly recommend the use of one of our dealers for service as they are the most familiar with our product.

Below is a list of service centers outside of our dealer network that we have provided competent professional service in the recent past. Rev RV Tech. For all other parts inquiries, please use the submission form below. Thank you for purchasing a previously-owned Renegade motor coach.

The Renegade Veracruz Renegade Veracruz. Please choose year Most common calls for assistance Below are some quick simple answers for many questions. As is sometimes the case these simple answers may not fix the issue, so please call your dealer or Renegade RV if the issue continues.

IF you have the thermostat set for Electric only the electric system cannot keep up with continual hot water demand. Electric is only used to keep water warm and minimize the time for the burner to heat the water to temp. The outlets in the living area and other areas are wired to run thru your inverter.

This allows for a load no greater than 20 amps. In most cases people are plugging in a space heater along with a coffee maker and the microwave. If too many things are operating at the same time the breaker will trip on the inverter itself.

There is a reset on the side of the inverter located in one of your compartment boxes. The fuse for this is in the yellow DC disconnect switch located in the battery box. The cover next to the switch comes off and there you should find fuses. This could be many things but in some cases the automatic generator start settings are incorrect. Your AC is a heat pump only and is only capable of heating the air to 15 degrees above ambient Temp.

Many times it is programmed to come on when the heat is turned on. The AC heat pump assist function can be un-programmed from your thermostat.

Usually this is a battery issue. Take the face off of the latch and check the batteries. The key pad and FOBs may also need reset.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I also find out that the adjustment is done by adding or removing things called "travel spacers".

I've done a lot of research but I couldn't find where are they inside the fork and how does it look like. RST YouTube channel doesn't explain this, fork manual doesn't either and I couldn't find nobody even doing this adjust in their forks You must first remove the part 2 from the fork. Sign up to join this community.

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to adjust RST fork travel? Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 8 months ago. Active 1 year, 5 months ago. Viewed 2k times.

After doing some research I found that there are 3 travel options 80mm, mm and mm. Any guesses? Euller Campagnollo Euller Campagnollo 51 5 5 bronze badges. Did you email RST with the same question yet? I'm going to do it now and I'll update here if they answere. Thanks for the tip! Active Oldest Votes. After ask for help RST support, I received a brief explanation by e-mail.

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Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Featured on Meta. The new moderator agreement is now live for moderators to accept across the…. Feedback post: New moderator reinstatement and appeal process revisions. Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Bicycles Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.Is the RST Renegade a contender or a pretender? Hard to believe, but just 10 years ago we were actually debating on the forums whether front suspension was necessary on a mountain bike.

Just 16 years ago the U. Consumer Product Safety Commission in cooperation with the manufacturer announced a voluntary recall of a quarter million front suspension bicycle forks. This single event forever solidified in all bicycle and bicycle part manufacturers minds, the importance of quality design and construction. Consumer lives — our lives — are at stake! The new RST Renegade is not immune from this assessment and my goal as a product tester was to ride this fork to the point of failure — whether a catastrophic failure like breaking the crown forging or something less dramatic like destroying the internal valving.

I rode this thing over intensely rough lava fields, rocky and rooted single track, beaches, rough fire roads around a dormant volcano and even managed to air out the bike over several different man-made and natural jumps. I punished the fork for a half hour by riding straight into a seven- inch tall curb while initially adjusting the compression and rebound settings to my preferences. I did not succeed. I tried… and had the build quality been less than stellar, trust me, I would have broken it.

Coupled with the fact it will be offered in both straight steer and tapered, and black and white colored lowers, it should prove to force everyone in the game to step up their program. The sample I was provided was apparently a very late pre-production unit. I incorrectly stated in my article, First Impressions, it was a mm travel version when it is, in fact, mm travel.

The mm version is only available in the tapered steer model.

First Look – RST Renegade Fat-bike Fork

It does everything I expected and more. There is still a raging debate between rigid vs. Guys like Chris Akrigg may be able to survive the pounding of a couple hour ride over a lava field but I need all the help I can get. Yes, it adds weight over an aluminum or carbon rigid fork. Landings off large jumps were smooth as silk. Compression was easy to dial in and rebound was very well controlled although I would have liked even more adjustment on the rebound.

At the amount of compression damping required to land larger jumps one or two clicks below full lockthe internal valving in the fork makes a noise resembling a quick scream from the viral sheep video. Noisy and comical, but it works. Normal trail settings result in a silent and smooth ride. I have no idea what oil was in the fork as delivered, but it performed flawlessly and remained where it was supposed to.

The bike spent a good deal of time upside down, transporting, cleaning, etc. Thankfully, there are no external mini grease fittings on the lowers as in my previous fork, the RST Air Those mini grease fittings always seemed to leak out a bit of oil that stained the powder coating of the lower casting.

As I mentioned, the Renegade provided to me did not include a remote lock out, so I cannot comment on the quality of that assembly. What I can tell you is a quick twist of the compression adjuster to the full lock position results in a fork that is FULLY locked. After banging around the single track for an hour at a plush compression setting and reaching down to switch to full lock, the difference is astounding and only serves to solidify the investment.

Low speed compression did suffer a bit as the fork seemed to have a very small amount of stiction at initial movement. The stiction did seem to improve each time as the ride progressed. Perhaps as the o-rings in the air piston became more lubricated or warmer? But every morning, on the ride to work, it seemed I found myself pumping the fork a few times to loosen it up… and then, voila!

A very acceptable ride. Inevitably, some will claim a front fork is unnecessary on a fat-bike and make statements about magic air pressures and specific rim and tire combos for each riding scenario. Mountain bike friendly Kalopa State Park is filled with trees but the spider web of root structures seem to exist mostly on top of the ground.

Supremely rocky and rooted technical challenges abound and while I have ridden all the trails full rigid, I can say, without reservation, a front suspension will help you to be a faster rider, help you clear things you once found impossible, and reduce rider fatigue on long-ride days.

The weight penalty is real, but is far outweighed by the gains.

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